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Luxury Balwyn Homes at Talbot Avenue, Balwyn, showing the entrance to the townhomes and the first home at the entry.

6 Four-Bedroom Luxury Homes in Balwyn

Located at 35 Talbot Avenue, Balwyn, this development involved the construction of 6 four-bedroom luxury homes built across one and two levels. Want to learn more about John Sage? What makes John tick? What are his interests? Visit his personal website to learn more. Or

What makes a successful property development

What makes a successful property development?

Experienced property developers understand that money is often generated when bought initially…They attempt to negotiate reasonable acquisition pricing using their local market expertise and negotiation abilities, from which a well-executed project will then likely yield above-average profits to fund their next project. Want to know

Brooks Building at 30 Russell Street in Melbourne developed by John Sage

Brooks Building, Russell Street, Melbourne

This development by John Sage is located in Melbourne CBD, at 30 Russell Street. Located at what is known as the Paris end of Collins Street, this development project is the construction of 7 two and three-bedroom city apartments over a three-level commercial conversion. View