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John Sage Property Developer & Investor – Collaboration Work with Nigel Fitton

Every project has a story, one of John Sage’s cutting-edge developments apart from the marvelous Aurora complex and several other developments in his extensive portfolio, is The Cascades – with seven boutique custom-designed four-bedroom homes at Gem Road Kenmore, Brisbane.

Amidst a lush, sprawling oasis, the Cascades is a unique offering of 7 beautifully-finished land packages and luxury houses in one of Brisbane’s most desirable suburbs. For John Sage, the property being moments from natural beauty adds an organic flair to his investment.

Everything you’ll ever need is nearby, with trendy cafés and restaurants, lush open parklands, an astounding assortment of schools and day-care centres, and high-frequency bus connections direct to Brisbane.

Collaborative Work with Nigel Fitton

One of the most incredible experiences for John Sage has been his collaborative works, including The Cascades, with Nigel Fitton, cutting-edge architectural designer with over 35 years of expertise designing some of the world’s most significant and most fascinating developments.

Throughout his time with Nigel, John Sage always supported him in his goal to create purposeful, inventive surroundings with his property developments that provide outstanding quality and exceptional modern living.

Nigel is known for creating prominent, iconic, and memorable landmarks. His work includes the complete restoration of the historic Charing Cross Station and the composition of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower, one of the country’s tallest residential buildings.

For John Sage, Nigel’s extraordinary experience in modern architecture can be seen in his eclectic gothic design of Structure 8 at RMIT and the One Bahrain Tower, Bahrain’s first sustainable building.
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